Tuesday 19 July 2016

Android game You cant miss to play

This is Whistle Fly - the first whistle sound controlled android game .. This is the most unique game that you are going to ever see or play .


This is the first Sound based Game that can be controlled by mouth whistle . 
Whistle and Fly in Air , avoid collision with buildings
The app automatically customises itself with the first whistle of the user . 
For any other player to play the game , Restart the app and let the other player start the game.
It is most unique android game that you will ever play and the best android game in this category.
You may have played many other games in the Google Play store but this one is exceptional .
Jumping and flying in Air with whistle is something that no one has ever seen . We hope that it will be soon listed in the list of Top android games .
Features :
- Listens to whistle sound
- small size (2 Mb)
- Global leader-board
- simple UI
- Easy to understand and play
- no need to touch
- adapts to the first whistle and becomes immune to the noises around it

Master your skills in whistling in one the best 2016 android games.
Happy Whistling

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