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Privacy policy for chilla - Personal safety app

Privacy policy

Your privacy is really important to us . Whatever information me extract from your phone are used to make you more secure
and keep you safe.

We will list down each of the information permission that we take from you and why do we take it at all.

1. Ability to send email from YOUR EMAIL ID

We do not want the crucial email that is send during the emergency to be missed by your relatives . It is for
this reason that we send the emergency email from YOUR email id , after taking your permission. 
In case we have a send the email from our server there is high probability of it going to the spam folder (Google 
starts treating such emails as spam ) .
Hereby , we declare that Chilla app uses your email to send only emergency emails only and that also is triggered by only you.
The emergency email contains - your location , your contact details , picture taken by phone camera when chilla was triggered and an audio recording too of the same moment.
You can deny to allow Chilla women safety app to use your email . The other features i.e emergency SMS and automatic call
will still be function .. so that you can use these features in case of emergency.

The required permission for these are 
b.find accounts on the device


Chilla uses camera to take picture from your device only when SOS is triggered . 
This picture is attached with the mail and sent to your relatives.
The pic taken from the device can help to identify the place where incident is happening .It can also be useful 
to act as a proof of crime in case any mishap happens.
Hereby we declare that chilla women safety app does not access your camera unless the app is triggered by you.

The required permission for these are 
c.take pictures and videos

3. Microphone & record audio

Chilla women safety app uses microphone to record audio only when the SOS is triggered.
The audio recording is attached and send along with the mail . 
The audio can help to understand the scenario of the place where the incident is happening . It can also be useful to act 
as a proof of crime in case of any mishap.
Hereby we declare that chilla women safety app does access your microphone unless the app is triggered by you

4. Read contacts

We take permission to read contact from you phone so that you can select the SOS number (who will be contacted in case SOS is triggered).
We do not not read all your phone contacts or store them anywhere.
We do store the phone numbers of the contacts selected by you in Chilla app in our servers . We store this information so that we know whom to 
contact in emergency and who were contacted when SOS was triggered.
This information is stored privately and securely .
This information is not shared / sold to any third party and is used only in emergency scenarios .

5. Location

We read your location history only when the app SOS is trigger. Your location is then send to your relative with SMS and email.
We do not keep / store any record of your location is history .

Email data

The email send in cases SOS is triggered from your phone contain .
a. Your GPS location
b. your SIM card ID number
c. your handset IMEI number (android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE)
d. a picture collected from device camera at the moment SOS was triggered
e. a audio recording collected from device camera at the moment SOS was triggered
Along with the relative we also get a copy of email triggered from your device , so that we can provide any help in case of any emergency (if possible).

Overall information collected

We store the contact number and email-id of relatives you have added in chilla for SOS . 
We also store your personal phone number.
These information are not automatically collected but are added only when you add them in the chilla app.
We don't read or store any contact information from your device other than added by you in the chilla women safety app.

Information we automatically collect
We through Chilla women safety app do not automatically collect any personal information from your device other than added by you in the app.

Information we share

We do not share or sell data/information to any 3rd party . We also declare here that we can share data with the Government bodies in case they need help
for any investigation to bring justice. 

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

BuzzyTech may, in its sole discretion, modify or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and so you should review this page periodically. When we change the policy, we will update the ‘last modified’ date at the top of this page. If there are material changes to this Privacy Policy or in how BuzzyTech will use your personal information, we will notify you either by prominently posting a notice of such changes prior to implementing the change or by directly sending you a notification.

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